Bruce Springsteen Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin and Compares Him to Amadou Diallo

Trayvon Martin is proof that America is just as racist now as it was in 1999 when NYC police officers fatally shot an African man named Amadou Diallo , and this is according to legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen was performing in Limerick, Ireland Tuesday when he dedicated his song “American Skin (41 Shots)” to George Zimmerman‘s 17-year-old shooting victim Trayvon Martin,

Springsteen stated, “We’ll send this as a letter back home for justice for Trayvon Martin.”

Springsteen famously wrote “American Skin” in 1999, accusing the NYPD officers who shot and killed Amadou Diallo of racism. Among the song’s lyrics … “You can get killed just for living in your American skin”

Springsteen is infamous for loving his country America, but for also standing up against any injustices in our country and world. Springsteen is brave for speaking out, and we want as many celebrities and people with power to speak out against this as possible.

Trayvon’s killer George Zimmerman was acquitted over the weekend of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. The jury found Zimmerman acted in self-defense and gave him a not guilty verdict.

Be sure to visit your local Federal Court Building this Saturday at 12 noon to protest against Stand Your Ground law, and protest in peace for Trayvon Martin.


Source: TMZ