Best Vine Videos: Momma Dee Be Like, Lightskin Dudes Be Like, Don’t Drop That Thun AND MORE!

Here are the top most Revined and Reviewed Vine videos 


Lightskin dudes be like LOL @Jon Isidor  


Love @Manuela Maria Mexico  


Foreign Parent @Maria Buitrago



Ridin Dirty with Gramps @Josh Domke  


That’s My Gunwalk @Tyler Whitley 



Shit gets real when it’s your turn to drive on the road @Lil Duval  


Taylor Swift Goat Loop @Michael Persad



This little girl dance battle got serious ….with voiceover @BKNY  


Proud Family Dancing to Don’t Drop That Thun @Denzel



Momma Dee Be Like ….LMAO @Neo Pickett