Zimmerman Family Says They Get Over 400 Death Threats A Day

Though many were enraged over the acquittal of George Zimmerman, his life hasn’t been much better than that of a jailed man since the verdict. Following his not guilty verdict, Zimmerman and his family have had to deal with an influx of frightening and harassing death threats

George’s brother Robert sat down for a recent interview and he detailed just what life after trial has been like for the Zimmerman’s. According to Robert, they’ve had to deal with at least 400 death threats per minute on social media.

“You don’t know if someone stops you in public and says, ‘excuse me sir,’ you don’t know if you dropped your wallet or if someone recognizes you and wants to kill you. Anytime anyone goes out for anything, we all know about it. If my phone died, my family would be in a panic that they didn’t hear from me. It happened one time when my phone died and I fell asleep. My family got worried and immediately started looking for me,” said Robert. “After the verdict, we all have the same concerns as before. We are all concerned about our safety.”

“Someone was very ugly to me at a Starbucks,” continued Robert. “I was with an infant and her mother while her husband pulled the car around. Someone thought I was George Zimmerman. I said, no, George is in jail. They started saying, ‘we know you’re Zimmerman, it’s right here on the receipt. They pulled out their phones and started texting people and calling people. Someone finally noticed the receipt said Robert instead of George or R instead of G, and they said ‘Oh, it’s not George Zimmerman,’ and they all calmed down. Someone then said, ‘Yeah, but you look like that motherf***er and if you were anyone of the Zimmerman’s we were going to take you outside and beat the sh*t out of you.’ They were both Starbucks employees.”

WOW!!! Well the Zimmerman’s saw the outrage over the verdict like the rest of America, so there’s no surprise that people are being verbal with their distaste of the family whenever they see them in public.

Source: globalgrind.com