Your Guide To Makeup Brushes


Getting a flawless looking face is not always about the products you use, but the right tools.

Here is a guide to your basic makeup brushes and what each one does.


Brushes for your face…

Foundation Brush

It helps you put on your liquid or cream foundation fast and free of streaks.

Powder Brush

Distributes powder foundation or setting powder evenly all over your face.

Concealer Brush

Blends concealer under eyes, hard to reach areas and small blemishes.

Blush Brush

Gives you just the right amount or color for a natural looking flush.

Contour Brush

Creates a illusion of a slimmer face and higher cheek bones when used with a powder a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Fan Brush

Used to add highlight to your face without getting a shimmer overload.

Brushes for your eyes….

Blending Brush

Softens harsh edges or lines to blend in your eye shadows.

Spoolie Brush

Keeps brows groomed and natural looking. Ladies invest in this!

Crease Brush

Sweeps powder into the crease of your lids to add definition to your eyes.

Angled Eye-Liner Brush

Great for multiple uses. Use as a way to apply gel eye-liner, and is especially great for a wing eye look. Use to apply powder or gel to the eyebrows. Also can be use to clean up eyebrows with a concealer.

Hopefully these brush tips will help you towards a more flawless face. Look out for more beauty tips in upcoming post.

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