Did YG Call Out Chris Brown For Set Tripping On New Song “Don’t Come To LA”? [Audio]


Rapper YG new Cali club banger appears to take some serious shots at R&B’s bad boy, Chris Brown.ng that in

Many are aware of Breezy’s apparent love and admiration for the Blood gang culture and has been seen throwing up gang signs while partying in LA in the past.

Well now Bompton official, YG, is calling Chris out for his set tripping ways on his new track, “Don’t Come To LA.”

According to the word on the streets of LA, Chris Brown and YG are both affiliated with warring factions of the Bloods gang. But YG is officially certified, and Chris isn’t.

Word is that YG is upset with Chris Brown, and he allegedly took shots at Breezy in the song.


“I don’t give a **** who you n*ggas paying
Who name you saying, you ain’t good around here
Cause y’all n*ggas ****ing up the rep
Ya’ll playing with the set, it’s really war round here
**** I’m even having problems in the set
But I’m really from the set, y’all don’t come around here
So when ya’ll n*ggas hop of the jet
You better tuck what’s on ya neck and get the **** from round here
Cause ya’ll paying for the lifestyle that’s watered down
Bompton! That where I’m from, **** is not allowed
Y’all out of bounds, keep that out of town **** out of town
You wasn’t banging out of town, it’s too late to holla now
Woah! I’mma get the OGs on board
And press the issues on you suckers oh lord!
Whoa! Or hit you with a price you can’t afford
Then catch yo ass slipping at the BET Awards”

Hmmmm do you think YG is referring to Chris Brown in this song? Take a listen to the entire song below.