WTF?!?!?! Teen in NYC Gets Caught Shoplifting With Stillborn Baby Fetus in Shopping Bag


According to NYPost reports:

A woman, who was caught shoplifting with an accomplice at a Herald Square Victoria’s Secret Thursday, was carrying a fetus in a shopping bag, police sources said.

The unidentified women were lurking around the lingerie store on West 34th Street and Broadway around 1:30 p.m., when a security guard spotted them snatching undergarments off the racks, sources said.

The guard stopped the women and called police to the store.

It wasn’t until the cops were cuffing the thieves that they made the grisly discovery – one of the women was walking around with a fetus in a shopping bag.

That woman told police that she had a miscarriage, a source said.

It was unclear how old the stillborn was.

The woman carrying the remains of the baby was taken to Bellevue Hospital while the other woman was taken to the precinct for questioning, sources said.

Charges against the women are pending.