Workout of the WEEK!!

The work out of the week: 

After running 3 – 4miles (preferably 4 times a week) split my week in half. Three days I work on my arms and the other three days I work on my legs.  Sunday is rest day!

4 sets of 20 of the following

  • Biceps curls 20100528-swimsuit-workout-push-press-600x411 Bicep-Curl rot-tricep
  • Triceps Kickback
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions
  • Shoulders dumb-bell press
  • Double Arm Dumb-Bell push press 

Leg (If you have stairs in your building, I suggest going up and down on the a minimum of three times a week.  You should use your stairs to do Tuck Jumps, it is a lil challenging but it is very good for your legs)

4 sets of 20 of the following:

  • Leg swings (left, right, front, and back)
  • Do a minimum of 100 Side Bends with a stick (broom sticks are good)
  • Lunge (do the left leg and the right leg) 

(Google all these exercises and it will show you a picture of what it is and how it is done.)
Good Luck and Keep me updated on your progress!