Style Tips to Get Men From Work to Happy Hour


Hello all. I feel like it’s been forever! So I have to give y’all a treat. And by a treat, I mean teach you guys how to behave ,and of course dress, for an after work Happy Hour shindig.

The Attire

So it’s Thursday and everyone is trying to let some steam off because Lord knows, NOTHING is getting done in the office tomorrow. So you and your coworkers decide to hit happy hour at the local pub. The bad part is you had a presentation earlier today. And no one wants to wear their presentation suit to some hole in the wall cheap house liquor bar.

happy hour 3

Step 1: Take that blazer off and leave it at work

Step 2: Loosen your tie and unbotton 1-2 buttons.

Step 3: Roll up your sleeves up two rolls

Step 4: Clock out

Don’t be uptight at happy hour. It’s time to wind down and half the battle is being comfortable in your work clothes.  Transform that prim and proper suit into a beer guzzling ready outfit. And who cares if a drink spills on you. It’s Happy Hour!

happy hour 4

The Rules

Now you guys are all in. Deals are incredible. Sam Adams draft for $4 a pop. They have the seasonal and Cherry Wheat as well. And shots of top shelf liquor for $8. It’s time to get the party started!

happy hour 2

Rule 1: Order the first round. Always offer to buy the first round. Don’t be the guy that doesn’t buy that first round. You don’t even ask what any one is drinking, just bring whatever the special for the day is.

Rule 2: Do not, do NOT only talk about work. It will come up and that’s perfectly fine but do not dwell on such things.  Talk about your bosses terrible toupe´and who kissed who at the last company party and keep it moving.

Rule 3: Everyone has to buy at least one round for the team. Hey you, yeah you! You’re not slick just kicking back and accepting everyone’s drinks. Stop being a cheapskate and support your coworkers drinking problem.

Now you have what you’re wearing and how to act when you get there.  Enjoy happy hour and cherish it! They only come around once a day.