Woman Claims That Soulja Boy Fathered Her 5 Year Old Son

Soulja Boy might be taking a trip to the Maury Show real soon after news broke of a woman who claims that the ATL emcee  knocked her up 6 years ago.

Diamond Shantaniece MacKay claims in legal documents that there was only one other guy she slept with during the critical time period that she got pregnant, and the other guy was of mixed race and her child is NOT!

Diamond says her 5-year-old Portlon resembles Soulja, the rapper has visited the boy and there are witnesses who can vouch for the relationship.

Diamond says she hasn’t kept it secret that Soulja is the Dad. She’s even told the welfare office that Soulja Boy is the child’s Father.

She wants a DNA test and, we’re guessing, lots of child support.

Source: TMZ