Wild ‘N Out Ep.3 Recap: 2 Chainz and Lil Duval Represent for the Black Team


This week’s episode of Wild ‘N Out featured guest 2 Chainz who was set and ready to lead the Black Team to victory, even though Lil Duval pretty much lead the Black Team the whole episode.


The first game was “Three Words After” and Rasika Mather started off strong for the Black team, and the Black Team took that round after she murdered Nick with a classic Mariah and Nick joke…they never get old.

The next game was called “Who’s On The Pole” where a random audience member walks to the pole while the comics come up with funny stripper names for them. Corey Halcomb was on fire in this round, however it was the Black Team that took this round again.

The next game was “Can I Holla” where the comics have to come up with funny catchy lines of how they would “holla” or pick up a chick. Emanuel Hudson definitely stole the show this round with his joke about knowing 2 Chainz…HILARIOUS! The Black Team definitely won this round.


The Wildstyle Battle was jam packed with funny punch lines, and even some corny ones. Conceited held it down for the Platinum team and helped the catch up on points, however it was the Black Team that won (no thanks to 2 Chainz he didn’t contribute to anything but his performance).



This episode was pretty funny, and we can’t wait for next week’s episode with Vinnie and Talib Kwali.

But you can watch this episode in full HERE.