Why Kanye West MUST Get A Prenup!!!


So you’ve heard by now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged!

Yeezy went all out, renting a Baseball Stadium with an orchestra band to let his lady know that he wants to make it forever, and on her birthday of all days.

HOWEVER, Mr. West, please do not be fooled. I’m happy for you, don’t get me wrong, but if it is the last piece of advice you get, PLEASE GET A PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT.

Here are the three reasons why you need to protect your wallet:


1) She is NOT Beyoncé -Kanye’s mentor and Big Brother Jay-Z has set the bar pretty  high for little yeezy to follow, the multi million dollar album sales, sold out tours, and the hot baby momma. But the Kardashian Empire is slowly crumbling. Her acting and singing career attempts have failed, her show is on its way to being cancelled, and her entrepreneurial ventures with clothing and make up lines aren’t going so well.

See Kimmy, whether Beyonce and Jay-Z make it or not (but they will be together forever because they are Beyonce and Jay-Z) Queen B is sitting on her own millions. Her money will never run out because of her talent and smart business moves. She is making millions of dollars in 2013 for singing the same 40 songs every three days on tour. 10 years from now, Kim will just be your baby momma. As talented as you may think she is, she REALLY isn’t. She will take your money if you leave her ass for a white girl.


2) She only likes her men famous- Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, Nick Cannon, Ray J, famous producer Damon Thomas, and even TJ Jackson (one of MJ’s nephews and her first) can all say they hit it. You are the most famous and richest person she has ever dated. She loves attention and fame and when you’re ready to retire rapping and focus on being a producer and/or fashion designer, she might get bored and start dating Bow Wow. You have got to keep up your famous status or else she’s taking little Nori and bouncing. Keep that in mind.


3) Kris Jenner- The mom monster, who is only after the money that comes with fame, will turn on you as much as you think she loves you Yeezy. If she will use you and her granddaughter to get ratings on her failing daytime talk show by showing her off, then she will rob you if you leave her daughter. Hell hath no fury like Kris Jenner not making money.

Once again, congrats and all of that, blah blah, yeah, yeah. Get a prenup, don’t be blinded by your love. Protect what you have worked so hard for. You will thank me later :)