White Students Hold ‘Trump’ Sign, Turn Backs On Black Basketball Team in Missouri [Video]


A Missouri school district has apologizedg for the “unsportsmanlike” and “insensitive” behavior by a few of their white students during a basketball game against a rival team with black players.

In a clip was posted on Facebook by Toniaa Lakylia Nunn the white students from Warrensburg High School are seen turning their backs while holding a Trump sign as the black students on the Center High School team walked onto the court.

“I have never been to a game that the other team turned their backs on their opponents,” Nunn wrote. “Never seen it a day in my life, until i stepped foot into Warrensburg High School last night! Glad i graduated from a school with so much respect and SPORTSMANSHIP!!”

The district posted a statement on Facebook apologizing:

Members of our student body acted inappropriately and were insensitive toward our opponents. The Warrensburg R-VI School District does not condone these actions and apologizes to anyone who was offended by the actions of these students. We will do everything we can to keep incidents like this from happening again.

Warrensburg Superintendent Scott Patrick told the Kansas City Star that the students have a tradition of turning their backs on opponents, but this went way too far.

“I think in this case, [the Trump sign] was really the difference in what took this from something that was unsportsmanlike to something that was insensitive, not necessary and inappropriate,” Patrick told the newspaper.

Source: HuffingtonPost