White Southern Man Calls Out White Race For Denying #WhitePrivilege [Video]


A southern while male who refers to himself as a “redneck” has gone viral after calling out all white Americans to stand up against racism while also taking personal responsibility for it and admitting that white privilege still exists today.

“This country was built for white people and it’s time us Americans — us white Americans — came to terms with that and realize we’re benefitting from that,” said Dixon White.

“We created a culture and a system of white supremacy that has benefitted us for 400 years. I think maybe it’s about time we stop being lazy as white people and take some fucking responsibility.”

In the video titled, “I’m a redneck and I love America,” he says:

“There’s a new south and a new America and it’s called white racial responsibility and it’s time we all took some y’all. Let’s take a little bit of white racial responsibility. Let’s start by standing up against it, let’s recognize that in every American institution, in education, financial, healthcare, justice — for God’s sake it’s in justice — in the police departments and our police officers, many of them.

And when I talk I’m not talking about all. I’m ain’t saying all white people are bad I’m saying we’ve got an evil called white supremacy in this culture. Stop being defensive. Get off your fucking ass and do something about it. Speak up, don’t ever ignore racism. If you hear something racist, fucking stand as a white American, take some fucking responsibility. It’s the inaction that has always destroyed other people and other nations.”

White is an aspiring actor and filmmaker, who wants to make a film about white supremacy. White is asking Americans to post their own clips “owning up to and taking responsibility racially.” where he wants to use the videos to “address our culture and systems of white supremacy without a ‘but’ in it and without denial and defense of it.”


What do you think of Dixon White’s video and call to action? Is this a movement you support and want to be a part of? Comment below. #MakeAStatement