White Gunman Yells “F**k The Ni**ers” When Opening Fire on Campaign HQ In TX


A racially motivated shooting has taken place at a campaign headquarters in Beaumont, Texas.

The increase in racial tensions have many linking the accounts to Donald Trump’s rise within the Republican party.

Via: 12NewsOne

Beaumont police arrested a white male and were questioning a handful of other individuals at a West End home just hours after an apparent racially-charged shooting at the campaign headquarters of Jefferson County Sheriff candidate Zena Stephens.


Stephens told 12News she was standing outside her headquarters with a group of people in the 500 block of S. 11th Street when a white male in a white Jeep pulled up and shouted “f*** the ni**ers”. Seconds later, the man fired a shot into a front window of the building, shattering the glass.

No one was hurt and no bullet was immediately found. Police believe the weapon used may have been a pellet or Airsoft gun. Stephens said roughly 20 other people were inside at the time.

Around 10:45 p.m. Monday 12News was outside a home in the 8500 block of Newfield as Beaumont police arrested a white male wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. Also outside the home was an older-model white Jeep with the same license plate as the shooter’s, a witness told 12News.

The man was arrested on an unrelated charge. Police were set to continue questioning him about Monday night’s shooting. Police confirmed two firearms were found inside of the Jeep. Three other men and a woman were taken in by police for questioning.


The suspect was not immediately identified. Property and vehicle records indicate the Jeep and the home belong to two separate individuals.

Beaumont police also confirmed to 12News that they believed the same suspect may have been behind another criminal act on 11th Street, when a window was shot-out at the MetroPCS store near the College Street intersection.

12News talked to a store employee who said no one inside the store was hurt, however everyone was shaken-up. There were two children and a mother inside of the store at the time, Lupita Balleza told 12News. The incident happened around the same time of the shooting at Stephens’s campaign headquarters.

Fellow sheriff candidates expressed their shock and dismay, condemning the violence.

Rod Carroll, Assistant Chief Deputy for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told 12News, “Thank God that no one was hurt. I do not condone that kind of behavior or violence. We, as a community, should stand against violence.”