White Activists Advocate for More White Support for Black Lives Matter Movement


White activists have been very supportive of the Black Lives Matter movements, and a number of them are joining together to create more awareness within the caucasian community on how important their involvement in the BLM movement and fight for racial/social equality in America really is.


Via: MPRNews

The social justice community was still reeling from Jamar Clark’s November shooting death at the hands of police when Philando Castile’s last moments were live-streamed on social media after he was shot and killed by a police officer last month. Castile’s death came less than 48 hours after another black man was shot and killed by officers in Louisiana.

While the efforts of whites are generally autonomous, they are also part of a delicate, coordinated local and national movement largely sanctioned by black groups to advance their agenda for social justice.

“There’s been a very direct call by Black Lives Matter folks and other peoples-of-color-led organizations for white folks to put ourselves on the line — standing in the place of peoples of color at demonstrations, potentially putting ourselves in harm’s way by getting arrested and facing police brutality,” said Tim Wise, a national antiracism activist and author.


“One wishes society could respond urgently to every issue without looking at who’s in the demonstrations,” said William Green, a history professor at Augsburg College and former Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent. “It’s outrageous that hasn’t been the case.”

Green and Wise agreed that the Civil Rights movement gained national media attention — followed by legislative changes — when the children of northern whites became more involved. When those newfound activists became victims of the same atrocities that had plagued blacks for generations, the nation noticed.

“Sadly, as we know from the history or our country, until white people begin to be affected directly by these injustices whether that’s being arrested or, in the case of the Civil Rights Movement, being killed, a lot of other white folks didn’t pay attention,” Wise said.

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