Where’s Will and Jada? Jaden Smith Suggests That The Entire World Drop Out of School

Most kids don’t like school, but Hollywood actor Jaden Smith sounds pretty passionate about his hate for world education system that he feels is to just brainwash us.

He sent out a slew of tweets recently downplaying school in general, suggesting everyone should just drop out to avoid being brain washed.

He made some pretty great points, but it also makes you wonder if Will and Jada’s kids understand the importance of education. (Let’s not forget Willow’s incident on 106th and Park a few years back when she couldn’t read the word “congratulate” ).

Will and Jada might want to get a hand on their kid’s education, and help them understand the importance it is, as well as their Black history on how their ancestors once weren’t allowed to go to school, so they should be honored, and understand it’s value.

Check out what else Jaden had to say about school below:

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S ource: VladTV