Whatever Happened to…Dream?


Before Danity Kane, there was Dream. if you are a female between the ages of 21-25, do not front like you do not know this song!


Diddy’s first attempt at a girl group came out in 2000 with the smash hit “He Loves You Not”. Originally named First Warning, Ashley, Holly, Diana and Melissa joined Diddy in 2000 with their song reaching #2 on the Billboard Charts. Their second single “This Is Me” reached number 1 on the teen crazed countdown show TRL and then they disappeared into thin air. So whatever happened to Dream?


In 2002, original member Melissa left the group and was replaced by some random girl named Kasey. They released another album that nobody bought called “Reality” and were dropped from Bad Boy Records in 2003. Melissa tried to get the band back together in 2008 with original members Diana and Ashley and even shopped around for a reality show but that failed. I miss the simple pop star days. Now white girls are twerking it crazy…


I digress.