What Ever Happen To Coach


What ever happen to Coach? For years, Coach was on of the top labels. It is one of those designers that are well known, expensive, but still accessible to the average lady.

But now, speed up to the year 2013 and it’s basically a joke to see someone in the streets wearing coach shoes or a bag with the signature logo all over it. What are we back in 2004? Personally I’ve never been a fan of any piece of clothing or accessory with the designer label visually spread on it, because I think it makes not only the designer look cheapened but it also can make you look like a bit of a label whore.

You can still love your designer things if you wear classy versions of it. You think Beyonce, Rihanna or Kim Kardashian are rocking Coach bags with the logo all over it. If you check out Coach fall collection some of their hottest pieces has the most simplicity. Also some of the best, classic, Coach messenger bags can be found in many vintage and thrift stores.

20131019-220522.jpg 20131019-220533.jpg

Not all Coach is a joke, just the people who buy it for label is a joke. So remember, it’s not about being down with everyone else and wearing designer clothing for the label, but about wearing whatever you want because it represents your personal style. Be Bold, Stand Out, Make a Statement.

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