Wealthy Couple Defraud Government More Than $167,000 in Welfare Checks


According to Raw Story:

A Minnesota couple who owned a yacht, rented a luxurious home on Lake Minnetonka, and had about $3 million in the bank has been charged with welfare fraud.

Authorities said Andrea and Colin Chisholm misled benefit workers for years as they cashed more than $167,000 in welfare checks for food, medical bills, and job training between 2005 and 2012.

Andrea and Colin Chisholm3

They had received benefits from Minnesota agencies while living for two years in Florida, reported the Minnesota Star Tribune, where they also obtained welfare benefits.

Medicaid fraud investigators suspected wrongdoing when they learned the couple lived in a lakeside home and had spent part of their $60,000 in medical claims for massages and spa visits.

Welfare Fraud

Freeman said “Lord and Lady Chisholm” had been cut off at one point but managed to get back into the welfare system.

If they’re convicted, the couple faces a maximum 20-year prison term and $100,000 fine, but the charge also carries the possibility of probation – although Freeman doubted a judge would allow them to avoid prison.

But first authorities must find the couple, who vacated their home and pulled their son from school. Investigators believe they’ve gone somewhere warm, if not out of the country entirely.

Andrea and Colin Chisholm