Fellas Do You Want The Job? Then Wear This


Salutations Gentlemen, the Gentleman’s Mentality aka The GM is here to enlighten a few of you lost souls on job interview attire. I could just sit here and tell you what to say in an interview to help you land the position but that’s no fun.  I could tell you eye contact and firm handshakes win the race. But the handshake of Zeus and the eye contact of Medusa wont help you if you look terrible at your interview.
zeusyoung medusa

Gather ‘round the board table. The meeting is starting


board room


First off, I would like to say always, always and ALWAYS  wear a suit!  Whether you are going for a janitorial position or an executive board member spot, make sure you have on a DAMN SUIT! Recently I have been hiring for the grand opening of my new store and have seen some scary, scary things.  I’m talking True Religion Jeans, Sketchers, and even a bandana. Straight Twilight Zone.



Now that we took it back to grade school and understand that suits are about as mandatory at a job interview as your resume, Let’s delve into the kind of suit we’re wearing.  Your suit should be black, have 3 butto . . . nope, I couldn’t even finish that joke with a straight face.  Black suits at an interview are a NO-NO! NEGATIVE! RED FLAG!

The Go-To is a navy power suit or a grey charcoal.


These suits are meant to give off the impression that you mean business. DONT THESE GUYS ABOVE LOOK LIKE THEY MEAN BUSINESS?? And rightfully so!

It should be slim fitting with the shoulder seam right on your shoulder bone. It should have two buttons (although the hidden 3rd button option is a good one too a-la Thom Browne) Your slacks should not pool (bunch up) at the bottom of your shoes. The break (where they slacks meet your shoes) should be a slight crease.


shoulder seam

slack breakbaggy suit

 The left is what you want to look like.  The right is what you looked like before you read my article.

You’re button up should not be darker than your suit color. With a Navy suit the shirt should be white, pink or light blue. Stick to white or pink with the grey suit. You can wear a shirt with a not so loud print like gingham check as well.  Check and Stripe are also acceptable. Avoid plaids as they are very casual.

shirt types

Your tie shouldn’t be loud. It should be solid color and if you go for a pattern keep it basic like a subtle plaid or prince of wales check print, stripe or check. If you decided on a shirt with a pattern, go for a solid tie. It “anchors” the outfit and tones it down. The tie thickness should be based solely on the thickness of your lapels which is based on the broadness of your shoulders.


Your shoes should be either be cap toes, blutchers or brogues.  Aka they should have laces.  With either suit, they can be either brown or black.  Just make sure your belt matches it!

shoes for suit


Make sure you have a padfolio with you to hold your resume.  Don’t show up with your resume in some rinky-dink insurance firm folder you got from a friend who works at Northwestern. Be a grown up for once. And a briefcase if you own one.  Not needed but wouldn’t it be cool to walk in with a briefcase? Just think about that for a second . . .

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Now you look the part.  Appearance wise, this job is yours.  Keep eye contact, answer with confidence and don’t curse and this job is yours.  When you look like a million bucks you will feel just as rich.  Let the confidence flow out of the wool fibers of that power suit.  Meeting adjourned.  Take it away JT



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