Waka Flocka Publicly Apoligizes to Tammy Rivera For Infidelity [Pics]


This season of LHHATL takes an in-depth look at the marital woes of Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera.

It has become no secret of Waka’s countless run-ins with infidelity against his wife, but this season we get to see a fed up Tammy put her foot down and head for splitsville with her mate of 5 years.

However, Waka is fighting back and taking to social media to let the world know how sorry he is for stepping out on his marriage to his “ride or die” Tammy.


Waka also expressed how he is “vowing” to change for the better.


Well we hope Waka is serious this time around. Because Tammy is more than a good catch.