Wade Robson Has More Horrible Accusations Against Michael Jackson.

Via RadarOnline reports:

The Australian-born dancer-choreographer Wade Robson, who grew up under the wing of the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson, recently revealed his secret family anguish in an amended complaint against the MJ estate in which he claimed Jackson sexually abused him from age seven for a period of seven years.

Wade, now 30, had become estranged from his dad, who he said was found hanged in 2002.

The former So You Think You Can Dance judge alleged he recently learned from his father’s sister that “the thought that Plaintiff [Robson] might have been sexually abused by Decedent [Jackson] was a huge source of anxiety and depression for his father.”

Before the suicide, Wade’s dad had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and his relationship with his wife Joy had “deteriorated,” the filing said.

Wade told the court his father had been with him when he first traveled to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for a weekend retreat in 1990.

“The first night of the weekend, on or about February 3, 1990, Plaintiff [Robson] and his sister slept in Decedent’s bedroom (a two floor bedroom suite with beds both in the downstairs and upstairs areas), in the same bed with decedent downstairs,” it’s revealed. “The rest of the family slept in the separate guest quarters.”

The next night the systematic sexual abuse began, it’s alleged.

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Days later, the Robsons left the ranch to continue a road trip, but Wade’s father and mother allowed their son to stay behind with Jackson.

“Plaintiff slept in Decedent’s bed every night and the sexual abuse took place every night,” it’s said.

Robson’s family returned to stay Plaintiff at the ranch the following weekend, but again, Wade slept in the bed with Jackson while the family slept elsewhere in the house.

Why did his parents leave him as a little boy with Michael knowing they were sleeping in the same bed. Didn’t it raise a red flag or two?

Also why is Wade now trying to pen his Dad’s suicide on Michael Jackson as well? If his Father was diagnosed bi-polar then it’s safe to say that anyone or anything could of been the cause of him committing suicide, not necessarily Michael Jackson’s “alleged” sexual abuse against his son 12 years before.

This case is getting messy, but we all can’t wait to hear what the final verdict is.

Source: Bossip