Top Vine Videos: Terio Goes To Popeyes, Elmo Says ‘Turn Down For What?’, Super Mario Bros: MJ Edition, Grandpa Killing The Club & More!!

The Vine Goddess is at it again!! Here’s another funny vine video compilation to help you start off the day! Don’t laugh too hard now!

TheRealSnoopy …. Terio Goes To Popeyes…. LMAO!!


_SP_ …. Elmo Is Turnt Up!!


Josh McGarvey …. Spongebob Knows What You Want!



Best Vines Of The Year …. Super Mario Bros, MJ Edition!


Tyler Crocker …. Mario was a little done!



Anesia Baguh …. Grandpa Gettin It In The Club!!


Funny Fails …. Slip setup!



Dakota And Kimberlyn …. She’s Twerking Prank!


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