Vine Compilation: Tyler the Creator Harlem Shake, King Bach, Black Mannequins Be Like, Who Cares for Disneyland, Pee Pee Dances, Lightskin vs. Darksin, and MORE

Some of the best vines of the week.


The dances people have to do when they have to pee and someone is in the bathroom @Keith Allen Vanke



Old Spice Commerical #Lightskin vs #Darkskin @Jean-Luc Picard  


When your friends break stuff in your house and leave @TezzGoCrazy



Scooby Doo was such an airhead @T_ccentric  


Real Harlem Shake @TylerTheCreator



Little girl could care less about going to Disney @SpecialK  


Steve Carell reaction to Miley Cyrus @Billy Marchiafava



Black mannequins be like @Jordan Edward  


Man down….at a baseball game @The Best Revines



When the beat drops in public @Jerome Jarre  


Little bro going ham UOENO @Drake Wilks



Terio going ham in the studio @DjDrama  


Some people do too much at the gym @KingBach