USA Today Writer Tells People to Run Over Protesters & Someone Does [Video]


A Conservative USA Today columnist and University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds pissed off many Twitter users yesterday after he  he urged local Charlotte motorists to drive over protesters blocking a highway in North Carolina. 

“Run them down,” Reynolds, who also produces the Instapundit website, tweeted late Wednesday with an image of the protesters on I-277.

Twitter suspended the account, but a screenshot of the tweet has been shared throughout the social network:



His post prompted many to contact USA Today and the University directly and request his removal from their staff.

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Reynolds’ tweet might have influenced one angry driver in Michigan who was seen on camera plowing through a group of protesters on Wednesday.

Protesting has turned violent in the city of Charlotte following the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday.

Police claiming that Scott was armed and refused to drop his gun while many witnesses claim the 43-year-old black man did not have a weapon and was only holding a book while he waited for his child to get home from school.

The protests have prompted N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory (R) to declare a state of emergency late Wednesday.


Source: HuffingtonPost