Underground Artist of The Week: Jade Alston (@JadeAlston)


Underground Artist of The Week:

Here we have an artist with a story. I discovered Jade Alston when I went to a BET Music Matters showcase at SOB’s in NYC, and for some reason she stuck out to me. When she performed, it was very heart felt and you could tell there was meaning behind the lyrics she was singing. She sang songs about real situations in her life which made her performance that much more interesting because it was real and unique.


I admired her passion and took notes as she performed. Now, she’s the artist I choose as MaseTV‘s underground highlight of the week. Read on.

She got a little bit of a head start in the industry – at the age of 15 Jade was a VJ for Philly’s longest running video show, Urban X-Pressions. At the age of 18 she then became the back-up singer/hype girl for recording artist Kelis and began to tour on a solo journey after that, opening up for acts such as AmerieFat Joe and 50 Cent.

Years later after spending time in college as a business woman, she realized music was her real passion. She began to perfect her craft working with some of the best songwriters in the business, including Claude Kelly. Shortly after she released her EP titled “Single on a Saturday Night” which was described by the New York Times as ““…romantic but self-reliant, self-empowered, girl’s-girl trustworthy…”.


Recently, Jade started a KickStarter page to raise funds for her independent album titled “We Will Live” and passed her goal of $3,000 with the help of her supporters. Here she tells us what gave her the motivation to push harder and pursue her dreams in music. (Video Below)


Campaign Video

She’s successfully raised $7653.00 and is now working on her next piece.


Jade Alston is the epitome of  what Mase TV stands for. She’s bold, she stood out, she was herself and she definitely made a statement. She’s determined to make her dreams a reality and it is reflected through her work and passion. She’s a hungry artist, who’s is definitely well on her way. Thumbs up for Philly. Her story and passion is very inspiring, so get to know her!

Jade Alston Goodies:

Missing You Lately Video


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Official Website: www.jadealston.com

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