Ujamaa Box Brings You Products From Black Owned Business For $25 A Month


A new website is dedicated to helping Black businesses thrive.

An affordable $25 a month can give you access to products and services provided by Black business owners.

Via: IndieGoGo

Ujamaa is the 4th principle of Kwanzaa that represents Cooperative Economics; to build and maintain our own stores, shops and businesses and profit from them together.

Through the Ujamaa Box and Outside the Box offerings each month we connect you with a rich variety of products, services and events offered by Black owned businesses that range across all industries; Health & Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Art, Travel, Finance, etc. Items included in the box are your introduction to these businesses and intended to encourage repeat purchases and bring awareness to what’s available in your own community.

Put action behind your thoughts of spending more dollars with black owned businesses. Allow us to deliver you an alternative option to your current spending habits. We will put you in contact with businesses who will not only deliver quality products but businesses who will respect and value the business you bring to them. Make a commitment to spend within!

The Gazelle Index National Survey determined that Black consumers and businesses spend just $0.06 of every $1.00 with other black owned businesses. If $0.06 was increased to just $0.12 of every dollar than 500,000 more jobs could be created. Help to create more jobs by recycling more dollars!

Learn more about Ujamaa Box HERE.