Tyson Beckford Starring in Black Version of “Magic Mike” Called “Chocolate City” [Pics]


Actor Channing Tatum‘s 2012 hit movie “Magic Mike” was such a hit among the ladies, it left many other American women feeling left out of the equation.

The site of a sexy man dancing his clothes away is a site any woman would love, but it does raise desire for a more diverse cast.

Ladies now have that option with, “Chocolate City,” a new film that will feature Michael Jai White and Tyson Beckford. This flick is sure to profit from the audience that Magic Mike missed. The Indie filmmaker and screenwriter for the movie Jean-Claude LaMarre broke it down:

This movie was in gestation for 2 1/2 years, but after “Magic Mike” it seemed a natural fit for the African-American female audience…I researched the male exotic club scene and it’s massive across the country, with clubs specifically targeting middle-aged African-American women.”

Tyson Beckford has been promoting the film via his Instagram page with sexy behind the scenes photos on set, featuring him and his co-stars in full stripper gear!

Check out the pics below and be sure to look out for “Chocolate City” to hit theaters June 2015.

Image: @tysoncbeckford @chocolatecitymovie @shaninamshaik oh Babii

Image:  Image #4

Image: @tysoncbeckford FBF on set "Chocolate City" wit costar Robert R'ichard.

Image: @tysoncbeckford Killin it Chocolate City movie.

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Source: VladTV