Tyrese Says RHOA And All Reality TV Are “Doing The Devil’s Work” [Video]


Since losing his friend Paul Walker last year, actor/singer Tyrese has been on an extremely positive and prophetic wave.

Tyrese is now calling out reality tv shows like RHOA , and others, for negatively impacting women and their relationships.

“You’re at home and you’re looking at shows like The Housewives and all of these different reality TV shows and in your mind, this reality becomes reality. You find yourself arguing and having issues at your house and in your marriage and in your family that are directly influenced by the sh*t that you’re seeing on TV. You don’t even know it.

“You as a woman you’re sitting there watching TV in which women complain and have issues and conflicts in their marriages that are filmed on a reality show. And they’re directly influencing issues and conflicts that are being created in your house. It’s not your f*cking marriage. Those are not your issues.”

Watch the truthful speech below:

Source: Bossip