Tyra Banks Dresses in ‘White-Face’ in Cindy Crawford, and Kate Moss Inspired Photo Shoot


We always hear of controversy surrounding white models wearing black face in high-fashion photo spreads that anger the Black community.

Well legendary, iconic, and innovative supermodel, Tyra Banks, flipped the switch and sported
white-face” in a recent fashion spread.Cindy Crawford - Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks took time out of her America’s Next Top Model  lifestyle to transform into some of the world’s real life Top Models…

Tyra Banks Tranform Cindy Crawford - Tyra Banks

She also did an interpretation of Kate Moss and  Cara Delevingne

Tyra did a pretty good job.

Kate Moss - Tyra Banks

Kate Moss…

kate moss


Cara Delevingne - Tyra Banks

Cara Delevingne…

Cara Delevingne - Tyra Banks

Source: Bossip