TYLT Vu Solo Wireless Charger (Review)


Earlier this year we announced the latest coming from TYLT and thanks to them, we got a chance to check out how the Vu Solo Wireless charger works. Here’s the scoop!


In a world gone wireless for the most part, the best thing you can have is a wireless charger for your mobile device. With that said – the Vu solo allows for wireless charging for Qi enabled devices. If your device isn’t Qi enabled, you can buy a TYLT VU Mate (which is a wireless receiver card) or a wireless charging battery cover to replace your current one for a few bucks.


  • Qi charging for compatible devices (which can be seen HERE)
  • TYLT alignment system that makes for an easier placement of the phone on the charger
  • Premium silicone anti-slip surface that allows your phone to have a firm grip on the charger


The Vu Solo wireless charger has a very simple but attractive look. The top portion where the phone sits is made of high quality silicone, and in whichever color you chose. In my case, blue. The small square has a port for your usb cable and on the other side there is a light indicator that turns green when your device is charging. It’s also a nice size making it perfect for to go charging, or a discreet fit on any desk.

tylt-vu-solo-wireless-review-masetv tylt-vu-solo-wireless-charger-review-3-masetv




Using the Vu Solo was very very easy. Literally all I had to do was sit the phone on top of the charger and it started to charge. No hassle at all and it was very convenient. Just sit the phone on the pad and boom, you’re charging up in seconds. I didn’t even have to maneuver it any type of way. If you have a different device (Nexus 6 etc), which may be larger or have the spot a bit lower, you might have to figure out the alignment, but still not much of a hassle once you know where that hot spot on the back is.

The silicone pad is very good with grip so your phone will not slide off, or if you happen to fumble it on to the pad it’ll sit in place. It’s light, attractive, and perfect for anyone looking to charge their device easily. Since this stays on my desk it’s always great to not have to look for my phone cord and adapter to charge up. Just sit it on the Vu and keep working! One of the best things about having the Vu Solo is not having to open a port, or take your case off to charge your device.




The TYLT Vu Solo wireless charger can be purchased at Tylt.com for $49.99. It is available in Blue, Red, Grey and Yellow.


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