Tyga Raps About “Stimulating” Kylie Jenner On New Song


Now that Tyga can legally admit to sexing his much younger girlfriend Kylie Jenner he is doing just that.

Tyga wants us to listen to his new music so bad that he makes mention of smashing young Kylizzle on his new song “Stimulated”. 

Via: TMZ

Tyga‘s got the blueprint … brag about having sex with your juuust 18-year-old GF Kylie Jenner — and everyone will pay attention to your new music.

Tyga just dropped a new mixtape, which includes the song, “Stimulated” — which includes lyrics like: “They say she young … I shoulda waited … She a big girl, dawg … When she stimulated.”

There’s more … like a direct reference to “penetration.” The “young” line makes it seem like Tyga’s talking about Kylie, but who knows?

After he dropped “Pleazer” — the one where he rapped about vagina juice — he insisted the track was NOT about Kylie, but some other random chick.

Tyga has since took to Twitter to deny that the song has anything to do with Kylie.

Is Tyga a perv or just pathetic? #MakeAStatement