Two Men in South Carolina Arrested for Sagging Pants


MaseTV has been highlighting the sagging pants epidemic a lot of as late, from our fashion post on how “sagging ain’t swaggin”, to news of the Tennessee town who banned sagging pants.

It seems like society is beginning to crackdown on the prison to community trend that has lasted throughout the past 20+ years.


Via The Smoking Gun reports:

Sheriff’s deputies were summoned to the Spartanburg eatery around 3:15 AM after Andrew Gehring, 22, and Donovan Johnson, 22, were allegedly “causing a disturbance” after being asked to “pull their pants up and not show their boxers.”

While being questioned by cops, Gehring and Johnson were belligerent and used profanities, investigators noted. The men “both advised that they were out to have fun and implied they were Wofford students graduating” and “it wasn’t their concern that proper decorum was needed in the public domain.”


Located in Spartanburg, Wofford College yesterday celebrated its 160th commencement exercises.

Seen in the above mug shots, Gehring (left) and Johnson were arrested for disorderly conduct and booked into the county jail. In 2011, Gehring was arrested for burglary and grand larceny, which resulted is his expulsion from Wofford (where he was a member of the football team). According to Wofford’s web site, Johnson has played for the last four years on the college’s football team.