Two Members of Bobby Shmurda GS9 Crew Sentenced to 98 & 53 Years in Prison


“Hot Boy” rapper Bobby Shmurda has been incarcerated since December of 2014, with no signs of release.

While many support the freedom of the young Brooklyn emcee, it appears that Shmurda will not be getting released anytime soon now that his friends have been getting served with very lengthy sentences from an unsympathetic judge who told one GS9 affiliate that was sentenced to 53 years in prison,  “The community must be protected given the enormity of the crimes here.”

What makes this case even more interesting is that the same two young men who just got the book thrown at them, were the same persons mentioned in Shmurda’s hit single “Hot Ni**a” for their gun-toting activity.

Via: Vibe

Following news of GS9 member Rashid Derissant, 24, who was sentenced to 98 years in prison for murder, another affiliate received 53 1/3 years, the New York Daily News reports.


Alex “A-Rod” Crandon, 22, was charged with murder, conspiracy, and attempted murder, the site states. Crandon reportedly asked the judge, Abraham Clott, for compassion, stating, “Please allow me the opportunity to become a productive citizen and raise my daughter to become one also.”

However, the judge said, “The community must be protected given the enormity of the crimes here.” This news precedes Bobby Shmurda’s pending trial date which is scheduled for September. He’s also been incarcerated since 2014.


New York Daily News

Vibe also reports that twenty-four year old Rashid Derissant, former members of GS9, was slapped with a 98 and 1/3 year prison sentence Tuesday, (May 17) for several charges he will serve consecutively. According to reports, Derissant’s gang related charges include attempted murder, murder, assault and conspiracy.

In February 2013, Derissant gunned down a rival gang member inside a bodega store, and attempted to kill three others in the same incident. Derissant’s violent rap sheet doesn’t end there. In July 2014, he shot an innocent bystander, a 22 year old woman in the neck.

Bobby Shurmda, real name Ackquille Pollard, who rose to fame for his inescapable street anthem “Hot N—a” will face the same charges in September.