Trump Administration Deletes Spanish, LGBT, Climate Change, & Civil Rights Webpages From Whitehouse.Gov


Only 2 days into the Presidency of Donald Trump and it is clear that the Trump Administration does not support the Spanish and LGBT communities, among many others.

Following Trump’ second day in office it was made known that the Trump administration took down a few of the Obama administration’s Whitehouse webpages.

The new administration immediately removed the page created in 2012, as well as the pages for climate change, health care, and civil rights.

It also became blatantly evident that the LGBT page,, created in 2011 to engage the LGBT community, disappeared as well.

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It is very clear that the new Trump administration does not support the many “others” that make up American culture.

However, the highly successful Womens March on Washington represents the fight many American citizens are filled with in wake of Trump’s presidency.

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Source: VladTV