Tricks To Make Your Mornings Run Smoother

Getting ready in the morning can be time consuming for us ladies. Between makeup, picking out clothes, and everything else we can seem high maintenance. But there are tricks to make your mornings run smoother.

Here are 5 tricks to help you speed up your mornings:

1. Pick out your clothes the night before. Creating a outfit takes thought, why not do it before bed so your set to go in the morning.

2. Unless your occupation is a makeup artist or a clown you don’t need to put a full face of makeup every morning. Less is more.


3. Shower at night. If your not doing any hard labor in your sleep, taking a shower in the night instead of the morning saves you time.

4. Plan ahead for the day. Know what your going to eat for breakfast and prepare yourself for morning activities.

5. Pack your go to bed the night before. If you switch out purses make sure you have everything you need the night before in your bag.

Timing is everything ladies, so don’t waste it!

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