Last month we shared with you the TOP 5 HEALTHIEST FAST-FOOD RESTAURANTS IN NYC. Chipotle was at the top of the list, which also included Panera Bread and Gustorganic. We hope you found that list helpful, please share other restaurants that should be added to the list!!

This week we are giving you our list of the Top 5 Fast-Food Restaurants you should avoid at all cost!

1. McDonalds

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According to The Healthy Back Institute, McDonald’s recently earned the title of the lowest ranked for customer service satisfaction,[v] but that’s only one reason to reconsider eating there. As the epitome of fast food, and everything that it entails, McDonald’s embodies the term fake food. Despite recent attempts to clean up their image, their ingredients remain a shameful conglomeration of corn syrup, artificial flavors, preservatives, propylene glycol, partially hydrogenated oil, dough conditioners and more. Food shouldn’t look the same after a year!

2. KFC

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Fried chicken is well known as a diet offender, but if you must eat it, make it at home, as KFC’s fried chicken makes homemade varieties seem like health food. In an ingredient list for KFC chicken, MSG is listed four times as part of the marinade, secret seasoning, pre-dusting and batter. Even their mashed potatoes are loaded with partially hydrogenated oil, artificial color and flavor, preservatives, corn syrup solids, and an anti-foaming agent.

And don’t let the grilled chicken fool you; it, too, is made with MSG as well as partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats), and there are reports that it isn’t even grilled at all, just baked in an oven on a grill rack to simulate the lines. Learn more from The Healthy Back Institute.

3. Taco Bell

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I am not a fan of Taco Bell. After getting sick from their food 10 years ago I never ate their food again. Hence their appearance on this list! However, before you come at me for hating Taco Bell, here are some interesting facts. The beef at Taco Bell contains 12 percent “other” ingredients like modified corn starch (a cheap texturizing agent), caramel coloring IV (which is far worse than it sounds, as it’s been linked to cancer), and torula yeast (i.e. hidden MSG). Who dares to complicate the Bean Burrito???

4. Little Caesar’s

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If you’ve ever ate at any of their locations I am sure you have experienced their terrible customer service. But if you still insist on eating their food, you should know you are consuming almost 300 calories per slice! Their ingredients are far from natural or MSG free!

5. Burger King

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I can’t remember the last time I ate at this place. Any place that mixes its beef with horse meat, shouldn’t be trusted (Ikea…). The Huffington Post discussed Burger King’s horse meat fiasco in the UK. BK makes this list because just like McDonald’s it brings nothing but transfat and MSG to your system. Paired that with their horrible customer service I don’t know how they are still in business.

These are our top 5 but I am sure there more that can be added! Share your suggestions in the comment section!

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