Top 5 Essentials For Your Beach Bag


Memorial weekend marks the first official day of beach weather this season.

So the question is, what’s in your beach bag?

Here are a few beach ready essentials every lady shop have….

5. Magazine/Book

The beach is all about relaxation. What’s more relaxing than laying in the sun with a great book or your favorite book.

4. Cover Up

Of course you want to show off that sexy bikini, but you do need something just as cute to throw over that for before and after you soak up the sun. Throw on some high waisted shorts or a sheer dress.

3. Sun Hat

Nothing looks cuter at the beach than a cute floppy hat. Not only is it super fashionable but it’s also functional. Keeping your beautiful skin away from harmful sun rays.

2. Lip balm/Gloss

There’s nothing cute about chap lips. Nothing. So make sure not to leave your favorite balm. Go for something with SPF for extra protection.

1. Sunscreen

Nothing is more important than beautiful, healthy skin. So always wear sunscreen. Continue to keep yourself protected.

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