Top 5 Brunch Spots In New York City


When we were younger Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for early morning cartoons, going to your friend’s house and church with your parents.  But as grown ups, they’re for sleeping late, catching up on sleep and hibernation. Or Brunch if you’re one of the cool kids.  The early afternoon meal has become a craze amongst all 20 somethings in large city areas like New York and DC.  Check out these places when you get the chance

brunch 2


First thing you need to know. It’s not brunch if there aren’t unlimited mimosas, bellinis and/or champagne. And bacon. You need bacon for it to be a REAL brunch spot.  And PS450 has BOTH. Not only do they have unlimited mimosas, they bring you the whole bottle to your table . . . for TWO HOURS! That alone makes me want to come back every time! They also play great music. The first time I went girls were showing what a Juvenile song from the late 90s can do to them. Try the Smoked Salmon with eggs benedict.

brunch 5


This place is right on the outskirts of Soho and is actually in a hotel. And if you google it, don’t let the $$$ rating scare you away. I spent 25 dollars for an amazing brunch, sweet tasty mimosas and great service.  I went here for a business meeting with a friend and I was blown away. The best thing about this is the ambience.  The lighting, the hanging fixtures, mirrors and not to mention there’s a big pond in the middle.  I suggest you try the  Kittichai omelette, which comes with Thai sour sausage and jumbo lump crab.  You can even get a side of smoked salmon!

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Scottadito Osteria Toscana

Nestled on Union in Park Slope, Scottadito is a very old styled spot.  There’s a curtain that once you pull back, you enter the restaurant.  Very low key, Scottadito is a great date brunch. The service here is also really good with waiters offering to top off your mimosa the second it goes empty. The best thing is I have never waited to be seated there. Not once! And the bacon is sooooo incredible. And every dish is worth recommending to someone. My recommendation is the french toast with fruits and powdered sugar.

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Had to wait 2 hours at PS450? Well right around the corner is Pranna (as well as 20 other brunch spots) on Madison and 28th. You probably know Pranna as a club but they also dabble in the eateries as well. The great thing about Pranna is once your done eating, you can turn around and waltz right on over to the dance floor and have a good time.  Sweat out those bottomless mimosas over reggae and turn up tunes. Pranna is a bit on the pricey side but you get brunch and a party. Summer time, Pranna is quintessential to the brunch scene. The burger is pretty good here as well!

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Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho actually took my brunching virginity. Forgot how I found out about it but what I do know is I was on a date with a girl that didn’t last long. Calle Ocho is on 8th Ave and 81st street. And word to the wise: MAKE RESERVATIONS! If you don’t your wait can be very long because its in a hotel. Calle Ocho does not offer mimosas but it offers something better. 9 different flavors of Sangria and they too are unlimited. And in case you were wondering, they’re all amazing! The food is cool and the ambience is exceptional. But the sangria is the real selling point here.