Top 5 Unexpected Album Releases of 2013


The GM all in your stereo. First off I want to say that Part 2 to my “Spring Fashion Trends” is soon coming!! There was just some other things on my mind.

In the mean time, you can read Part 1:Menswear here. But I have been having so many discussions about music and Kanye and Kanye and music. The main thing people have been saying to me was that “I think Yeezus was album of the year.” I disagree wholeheartedly. I actually think the five best albums this year were not hip-hop. And I can guarantee that two of them you never heard.

5 – John Legend – Love in the Future

John Legend came back strong this year with Love in the Future. With gems like Open Your Eyes, All of Me, Made to Love and Who do We Think We Are, this album was laced with emotion and those notes only John himself can hit. The soulful crooning and LARGE improvement from the “Evolver” album lands John Legend at number 5

4 – Justin Timberlake – 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake, everyone’s favorite caucasian dropped a bomb this year with 20/20. Front to Back a solid effort from the ex Disney club all star.  Mega Hits like Mirrors, Suit and Tie and Pusher Love Girl solidify this album on this list.  8 minute long songs with 3 minute reprises, instrumentals and beat switches, this album is a hodgepodge of jazz, RnB and love making music. JT can not be stopped.

3 – HAIM – Days Are Gone

One of the bands you have never heard of. HAIM, three sisters from Cali came out of left field aka commercial breaks on MTV and VH1 and dropped a SOLID album called Days are Gone.  Teenage angst and love riddle this album over funky bass lines and electric guitars. A friend of mine just threw two of their videos for Falling and Forever in my mentions one day and I went crazy! Waited for the album to drop like your pet dog does by the door until you get home. And I was VERY PLEASED!! Check out this album!

2- Beyoncé – BEYONCE´

What more can any one say about the reigning Queen (King) of RnB. Beyonce shocked the world and broke records and basically made it real hard for any one in RnB to do ANYTHING last week when she dropped this album. No promo, no advertisements, no videos, no singles. Unprecedented is the only way to describe it. And Phenomenal is the only way to describe the album. XO, Mine, Rocket and Blow are some of the illest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Front to back, Beyonce somewhat reinvents herself but at the same time, stays true to her core.  All I know is I’m playing this album AS I TYPE THIS!

1 – Rhye – Woman

I know you’re surprised Beyonce isn’t number 1. She can’t always win. Especially when Rhye dropped this work of art this year. Rhye, a group shrouded in mystery, is based out of LA and has two members, Milosh and Robin Hanibal. The sound is very Sade-esque but with better instrumentation.  I remember the day my boy put me on to Rhye and how my life changed. Open literally was the most refreshing song I had heard in years. Along with The Fall, Open, Shed Some Blood, and Hunger, I was in absolute awe. I bought the album the second it was released and can still play it front to back and back to front. Do yourself a favor and check out Rhye – Woman. You won’t be able to look at music the same.

Honorable mentions: Yeezus, Yeezus and of course Kanye West’s 6th album, YEEZUS

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