Top 10 Spring Break Spots for College Students and 25 and Over Crowd



As the East Coast prepares for another winter storm, college students across the country are chugging Smirnoff ices on the beach. Because Spring Break forever, y’all. And for those who want to know where to find the largest mass of Spring Break activity right now, Facebook’s got you covered.

The social network compiled a list of the top 10 beach cities that 18-24 year-olds are currently checking into based on an increased volume of check-ins relative to last month. Here are the most popular spots:

Hedo on the Beach

Panama City Beach, FL
Santa Monica Beach, CA
South Beach, FL
Gulf Shores Beach, AL
Port Aransas, TX
Main Beach (Santa Cruz), CA
Venice Beach, CA
Fort Myers Beach, FL
Cocoa Beach, FL
Mission Beach, CA

Teenage girl with her friends having fun on the beach

The 25 and older crowd opted for a slightly different scene:

Myrtle Beach, SC
Main Beach (Santa Cruz), CA
Santa Monica Beach, CA
South Beach, FL
Jupiter Beach, FL
Orange Beach, AL
Banana Bend Beach, TX
Huntington Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA
Newport Beach, CA