Tony Goldwyn “Fitz” Reveals Teasers for New Season of ‘Scandal’


The ‘Scandal’ season three premiere is THIS THURSDAY and while all the wanna-be Gladiators can hardly stand the wait, Mr. President Fitzgerald Grant is giving fans some insight as to what expect from this season of the highly anticipated prime-time drama series.

via S2S Magazine

Tony Goldwyn’s got a few thoughts about who may have snitched about the president’s affair with Olivia Pope on “Scandal.”

All hell broke loose in Olivia’s world when it was revealed that she was sleeping with President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony). Fans have been speculating about who may have uncovered the illicit secret, and Tony shared his obvious suspicions before second-guessing them.

“Oh God … I guess I thought it was Mellie, but that seemed too obvious, so I really had no idea. Cyrus or Mellie … I just couldn’t believe it,” Tony told The Huffington Post. “I was so shocked. We read the scripts together for the first time at the table read, and when that happened, everyone jumped up.”


Viewers won’t have to wait all season to wait all season to find out who spilled the tea on Olivia and Fitz. In fact, Tony said the leaker will be revealed “very soon. And you will be really shaken by it.”

Tony also revealed that his on-screen wife, who is already known for her scheming and manipulative ways, has plenty more tricks up her sleeve.

Although Mellie may not have tipped the media off to Fitz’s affair, Tony said that she will be pulling off some big tricks when “Scandal” returns October 3. “Bellamy Young (who plays Mellie) is so brilliant. And in Season 3, she gets to do some stuff … I mean, already, she’s got some stuff that’s just amazing,” said Tony.


Does Tony think the president and the first lady can make their marriage work? “No. I don’t. I don’t think so. That’s just me. I have no idea what Shonda’s intending, but I don’t see it. I think Fitz knows that he and Olivia are supposed to be together,” he stated. “whether they ever will be is anyone’s guess.”

“I think once you know what he knows about Olivia, there’s no way you can backtrack and settle for a relationship like the one he has with Mellie. It’s just too toxic and too fraudulent on a lot of levels.”

Sounds like this season will have no problem measuring up to the previous two. Will you be watching?


Source: Bossip