Tommy Hilfiger New Solar Powered Jacket: Charges Most Cellphones On The Go


World renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger dominated 90s fashion, and has repositioned himself in today’s high-tech driven society.

Tommy Hilfiger recently launched a new line of women’s jacket that work as solar powered energy savers, while also keeping you warm!


Presenting the solar panel jacket, its a unique and innovative design featuring a removable solar pack that charges a battery to keep your mobile devices working while on the go.

In direct sunlight, the battery within the jacket fully charges beyond the capacity of most smartphones.

This innovative jacket is both stylish and functional, and topped with a weatherproof upper and Abraham Moon wool for a traditional twist.


Those interested in purchasing this jacket should be mindful that an instruction guide is included. The innovative piece retails for $599.

Find out more information on the jacket HERE