Tommi & Tiara Fight Over Scrapp on #LHHATL [Season5 Ep3 Full Video Recap]

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.09.25 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.09.25 PM

This week on LHHATL things got heated between Tammy and D. Smith, and the two ladies involved in Scrapp Deleon’s love triangle, Tommi and Tiara.

The episode started with a continuation of Tammy’s heated meeting with D.Smith and Betty Idol.

Tammy’s meeting with D.Smith & Betty Idol turned volatile

Jessica Dime reaches out to Tiarra

She pulled out my hair. Tammie freaks out

Tiarra spills the tea on Scrap & his fam

Scrapp has legal problems, women battling each other, and a son he is not allowed to see…a typical day in the drama that is his life!

Scrapp gets advice from Stevie about his love triangle

Scrap keepin it business with Betty Idol…. righttt

Scrappy is feelin’ himself some Betty Idol!

Scrappy listens to Betty Idols version of her fight with Tammy

Tammy spills the tea on her fight with Betty Idol to her girls. Bambi, as Tammy’s best friend is ready to have her back!

Mimi let’s Stevie know about her new girlfriend

Bambi makes a surprise visit to Scrappy’s house and this is basically his reaction lol

What kinda work Scrap doing w Betty Idol??

Mass drama going down between D smith and Tammy

When I brush my teeth… IM MODELING.

Scrappy is trying to broker peace between Betty Idol & Tammy. But Betty ain’t for the hair-pulling. Especially her REAL hair!

Bam still pullin the strings in Scrap’s life…

Meeting of the mindz… Scrap Tommy and Tiara. THAT DRESS THO

Scrapp needs to fix things with Tiarra tonight so that he can see his son…but he’s not ready to give up the sidepiece Tommie though!