Tomi Lahren Attacks Jesse Williams’ BET Awards Speech [Video]


Conservative news anchor Tomi Lahren is back at it again with her controversial remarks against the black community.

This time, the reporter took aim at the BET Awards and actor/activist Jesse Williams acceptance speech for his Humanitarian Award.

Since the airing of the BET Awards, many have been praising Williams for his empowering speech dedicated to Black women and the entire Black community.


However, despite all the praise that Williams has been receiving, that didn’t stop Tomi from going off on a rant accusing BET of “race baiting” their audience and ignoring the fact that her “white ancestors fought to free your enslaved ancestors”.

Tomi even went as far as to caption her video on FB with “was it about black entertainment or bashing white people and law enforcement?”

Hmmmm, wonder who’s really race baiting here. Watch her hate speech below..

This woman really knows how to rile people up. Smh