Tom Ford Releases Line of Beard Oils And Grooming Comb [Pics]


Lets face it….beards are in!!!
Its become more than just a November fad for “Movember” month. It’s now become one of the essential attributes of some of the most sexy and stylish men on the scene.
Everyone from Brad Pitt to Jared Leto can be seen rocking a sexy man beard, and leave it up to Tom Ford to find a way to capitalize on the beard market.

Tom Ford is known for his ever-growing line of clothing, apparel, and grooming products to bring out the style and sophistication of any man who can afford it.


Tom Ford has launched three beard oils and a beard comb to accompany the man with more facial hair to offer. Beard oils are pretty trendy and essential at a time when almost every man has a beard. The Tom Ford beard oils act as a conditioner and scent enhancer for men.  The scents that can be found in this exclusive line are Tobacco Vanilla, Oud Wood and Neroli Portofino.

Each oil has a base of almond and jojoba oil as well as Vitamin E. Which work to strengthen and moisturize the beard, while also leaving a very pleasing scent.

The trio is also accompanies by a handmade, travel friendly tortoise-shell beard comb from Switzerland. The comb is meant to help evenly distribute the oil throughout the beard.

This is the perfect holiday gift for the well-groomed bearded man on the go.