To Workout or Not to Workout That is the Question.


Let’s face it, we all want the benefits of working-out and eating healthy. But who has the time? How are you supposed to balance church, a full-time job, family, friends, a relationship (if you have one), and being a student (for those of us who go to school)? Just thinking about it stresses me out and gives me a migraine.

The truth is that there is no formula to successfully managing all the items listed above. I wish I could give you all the answers but all I can do is tell you my story! Let me start by saying that I am a huge procrastinator! I wished I had longer days so I can spend more time traveling and relaxing. Working full-time and going to school full-time is so draining. I remember being promoted to a managerial role at my job and thinking to myself how am I supposed to do all this AND workout?

Here is my personal formula, is not perfect and it might not work for you but this is a start!

1. Set your priorities! I have identified 5 items that I will simply not sacrifice. Working out and eating healthy are definitely part of that list.


2. Set some goals! Why do you want to workout? What moves you to say no to those fries and yes to those veggies? Do you want this for yourself or because is the cool thing to do? What is your motivation?


3. Schedule your life away! I know there are a million uncontrollable items in life but having some order will help you get in a routine which will help you attain your goals. Scheduling your time will allow you to see how you are investing your time and where you should make adjustments. You might be surprise at how you are using your time.


4. Be ready to sacrifice! I wished I didn’t have to say no to some things but the truth is I can’t give everyone my time and at times I have to say no. You set your priorities, you’ve made goals based on those priorities, and you have scheduled the time to put in the work to achieve your goals now is time to execute. Your life is yours to live and noone else’s so if you know you shouldn’t eat something, don’t! If you know you should be working out instead of laying on bed watching TV get your butt up! This takes time but if you are committed you will persevere! I wake up at 5:30am some days to workout before I go to work because that is the only time I have free.


5. Be ready to invest in yourself! The facts are the facts, it costs more to eat healthy. You need to be ready to change your lifestyle and eat healthier meals this means you will have to spend more time in your kitchen. Personal investment is not only financial is also about time. Educate yourself on how foods affect your body, how certain workouts help shape your body type. Learn about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and more importantly the dangers of doing things wrong. Being healthy is not about starving yourself and depriving your body of the nutrients it needs, it’s quite the opposite! Meet with a personal trainer and have someone show you the right way of working out so that you avoid injuries!


6. Celebrate your victories! Is not all work and no play. Enjoy your progress and small wins no matter how small you think they are. I am not saying that every time you do what you are SUPPOSED to do to have a party, but when you hit a milestone as you work towards your goals reward yourself and your hard work. It is very important that you give your body time to recoup but that’s another post.

I am not perfect, I slip up and sometimes I need to remind myself why I do what I do. Is hard but is not about how many times you fall, is all about how often you bounce back stronger than the last time! I hope you find this post helpful! Share your thoughts with us! We want to know your challenges and help you celebrate your victories! Be BOLD, make a STATEMENT and take control of your life! We are cheering for you!

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