Tiny – “WTFYGD” [Music Video]


Between T.I.’s new heart-felt single “Stay” which is full of subliminal shots at his marital trouble with wife Tiny, it seems as though Mrs. Major has been inspired to get back into the studio herself!

Tiny has responded to Tip’s “Stay” with her own song entitled,  “What The F*** You Gon Do?”. The song is dope, and reminds you that Tiny was a singer first, before becoming T.I.’s wife.

Peep some of the lyrics below. Tiny is definitely not with any games when it comes to her love.

U gone be mad, I know it
If I find another u know it
Better show u love me
U want it
Ur sorry, baby
It’s nothing
Try me
Do u wanna know what life is without me
Cause I’ll show u what it feels like
To be on the other side of the gun.