TinayaSays: This Week’s Random Ass Events- Jay-Z and Barney’s, Kanye sleeps on Kim, Ja Rule cooks it up in Rikers, and More!!!

It’s the last week of October! What better to end your month then with a weekly recap of the week’s most random ass stories…Here they are!

ja rule

1) Ja Rule-The new Emeril Lagasse???:

Ja Rule is trying his hardest to make it back into the mainstream world, doing everything possible to be relevant again. After being released from Prison earlier this year, he’s managed to film a movie (I’m in Love With A Church Girl) and is now attempting a cookbook. During an interview with SiriusXM, he announced his plans to release a prison-inspired cookbook full of “microwave recipes”. He spent his time in the pen eating cheesecakes and lasagna not those cold potatoes and old chicken you may have thought he was munching on. After reports swirled about his cookbook, he called his own bluff on Twitter saying “it was a joke”. I mean nobody really cares what you do that much anyway, but I’m glad you didn’t become desperate enough to write a cookbook based on your time at Rikers. Thank you Mr. Atkins.

kanye sleep

2) Yeezy is over Kim already!:

Well not REALLY  lol but he did fall asleep at his Fiancee’s birthday party in Las Vegas. Kim Kardashian hosted a party at Tao Friday night with a great white ensemble to celebrate her 33rd party and Mr. West was caught sleeping in the corner!!! I mean he is on a world tour with Kendrick Lamar and all so i’m not even mad at it. But if Kimmy can’t keep him up at a party, how are they supposed to last forever?


3) Jay-Z Under Fire:

One of Jigga’s biggest fans Derick Bowers has started a petition on www.change.org calling on Shawn to end his business deal with Barney’s. Jay recently announced a Holiday collection of high-end merchandise he created to be sold at the department store starting November 20th. However, the store is under a lawsuit with two African Americans, Tayon Christian and Kayla Phillips, for racial profiling. Both individuals were questioned  for fraudulent cards used for their steep purchases, yet they had the all the money and proper ID to prove that indeed they could afford the purchases. On one hand, Jay-Z is a huge star whose credibility can go into question if he doesn’t stand up for his people and for what’s right. It is a shame that young black people cannot shop high end without being questioned. But he is contracted by law to produce this line, and can be sued  for millions, possibly billions if he just drops out  of the deal weeks before its launch. And he does have a wife and child to support (even though they wouldn’t be effected because they are stupid rich). Huge decision to made Mr. Carter. Good luck with this, and do what’s right.


4) HIV may have a cure-kind of!:

Doctors have finally stopped lying about resources and admitted to possibly having a cure for HIV!!! A baby born with the strain in Mississippi has put the disease into remission, being born with the disease and now at three years is old showing NO signs of  HIV. Doctors wont necessarily call it a cure because they don’t know how much time is needed to declare someone free of the infection, so they are calling it remission to be safe and sure. Over the course of three years the little girl was treated aggressively and shows no sign of the infection. She stopped  her AIDS medication a year and a half ago. Praise the LORD! I really hope this is an answer to all of those infected, and I hope the government keeps working on that cure! Let’s get it poppin people!

mj and quincy

5) Quincy Jones Sues The King:

Quincy Jones might be 80 years old, but he knows when his dollars aint right. The music legend is suing the Michael Jackson estate for 10 MILLION dollars, alleging that “clandestine arrangements” put in place have cheated him out of royalties. Quincy claims that the King of Pop’s songs that he produced on such albums as Thriller  and Off The Wall  have been edited and remixed so that he wont make any money off of them. Because the original cuts of these songs haven’t been featured on such post Jackson projects like “This is It” and his Cirque du Soleil show, he gets no money. It seems like the Jacksons have been super stingy yet greedy with their money! Ever since MJ died, the family has been all over the place. But Quincy is a legend, so don’t even try it.

Thats all for this week’s random events,until next Sunday have an amazing week!