Tinaya Says: Your Weekly Recap of Random Ass Events


Happy Monday! Just in case you’ve been too busy buying Fall jackets to keep up with current events from last week, I’m here to bless you with the knowledge of this past week’s top stories.

Some of them you have read, and others you can’t stop talking about.

Here are the Top 5 Random Ass Events of the Week:


1) Snoop “Dogg” Lion featuring EDDIE MURPHY…:

This actually happened. Eddie Murphy‘s newest single “Red Light” featuring newly Jamaican import Snoop Lion has a video for the single, and over 1,000,000 people thought it was amazing enough to view on Vevo. Firstly….Eddie, my man, you’re too old for cut off shirts and small tattoos on your arm. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, Eddie’s fake island accent on the song or the video with Snoop doing his best to dance. His new album is coming out soon, so hopefully when nobody buys it, he sticks to movies and learns his lessons. Your role in Dreamgirls was amazing, but cut it out with the serious singing career, for real. If you don’t believe me, just watch…


2. Casey Anthony is BACK:


Remember that woman who got acquitted of killing her young daughter when everybody knew that she CLEARLY killed her? Well she might get whats owed to her after all. Zenaida Gonzalez filed a civil suit against Casey Anthony for defamation of character. When Casey told law authorities that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter, it was quickly established that the nanny did not exist. But the REAL Zenaida Gonzalez is not pleased with people thinking that she killed a little girl, so now Casey is forced to testify and answer chilling questions about her daughter’s disappearance in October. Wonder what name or story she will make up next….


3) Everybody Hates the Kardashian’s:

Friends no More!!!
Friends no More!!!

The obsession and fortune of the family whose claim to fame is a sex tape is dwindling down. They have drugged up members in their now and are losing money and endorsements left and right. Kris Jenner recently got into an altercation with E!’s first lady Chelsea Handler. Supposedly, Handler told Jenner to shut her crap hole about President Obama’s recent diss to her daughter Kim. And when Kris accused her of only defending the POTUS because he was black (referencing Chelsea’s past relationships with the Brothas) she was quickly reminded of her life, because Handler had to remind her “Do you see who your daughters are dating?” Yup, Kris your family is a national joke. So you should be quiet about everything, especially on your boring show that you define as a “talk show”. Thanks.


4) Porn Industry Infestation:

Get yourself tested! Specifically people who get paid to have multiple partners every other week -_-
Get yourself tested! Specifically people who get paid to have multiple partners every other week -_-

Well if you’re looking to change careers, you might not want to move to California and join the Porn industry. All porn films are suspended in the state after a number of adult film actors tested positive for HIV. Condoms are not mandatory for porn films, which makes it easier to contract anything that your co-star has. One of the actors has tweeted that the industry should take more precautions to prevent future outbreaks. So Porn Stars are invincible from diseases now???? Why were condoms not mandatory before in 10 people orgies? How could you guys NOT be using protection? Get your LIFE!!!!


5) The joke that is Bill Thompson:

Bill Thompson, its okay.... you can't always win :(
Bill Thompson, its okay…. you can’t always win :(

So the preliminary race for the next New York mayor is over, and both the Democratic and Republican parties have chose their representatives. Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota have won each of their tickets, but Bill Thompson will not concede the race. Even though de Blasio has well over the 40% of vote needed to be the Democratic candidate, Bill Thompson is waiting for “all votes to be counted” Really???? Sweetheart you lost. Don’t be that sore loser who wants to keep playing the video over to see if you really lost. Give it up Bill. Maybe in the next election buddy, but support de Blasio and lose with dignity.


Well that sums it all up. Last week’s events that are sad yet oh so true. Until next week,  have a great Monday and an awesome week!!